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Need to share a super long link?

Convert it to a tiny URL with a custom keyword, user analytics, and a preview page for your visitors.


Why use a shortened URL?

Short URLs can offer analytics—statistical data on how many people click your links, which Web sites they come from, and where these visitors are located in the world. Other reasons include character limitations on social media, or purely for the aesthetic difference. Some URLs aren't just an eyesore, but they include special characters that confuse some scripts and programs into cutting off part of the URL and resulting in a broken link. URL shorteners such as Shortr make sharing links more convenient in cases where you can't copy & paste, such as when you find a neat site on your computer, but want to send it to a friend using your cell phone.

How can I tell where a shortened URL will take me?

That's easy! Any URL shortened by Shortr can be previewed by just adding a tilde character (meaning this: ~) to the end of it. This will allow you to see the title and long URL for the destination page, giving you a chance to press the Back button or close your browser window. This means you or your link's visitors don't have to worry about being redirected to an unsafe or inappropriate site. For example, would reveal that it takes you to DuckDuckGo, a privacy-focused search engine.

What if multiple people input the same long URL?

Shortr only creates one short URL for each long URL. If the link has already been shortened, you'll be provided with the existing short version. There will be a difference if one URL uses HTTPS (such as and the other uses plain HTTP. If you enter just the domain without the protocol, like, Shortr will default to HTTP.